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How to earn points

Earn 5 points with every dollar spent in-store

Earn 5 points with every dollar spent in‑store

Earn 5 points when you sign up for an account and complete your profile

Earn 5 points when you sign up for an account and complete your profile

Earn 20 points when you leave a product review

Earn 20 points when you leave a product review

Earn 10 points when you follow us on Instagram

Earn 10 points when you follow us on Instagram

Terms & Conditions



SUPER ROMIES is ROMI Beauty Club’s membership programme, where we reward our loyal customers. This programme allows you to earn points, redeem exciting rewards and enjoy exclusive perks. Signing up to be a member is free!

If you already have an existing account with us, you will automatically be enrolled in the SUPER ROMIES programme. Simply log in to your account to access your membership details. If you don't have an account yet, you can join the programme by creating a free account. You will start earning points immediately after your first purchase.

You can earn points simply by making purchases on our website. Points are awarded based on the total amount paid, including shipping fees. For every SGD $1 spent, you will receive 5 points. Alternatively, you can earn points by completing various actions such as subscribing to our mailing list, leaving product reviews, and more. For more details, please refer to the small orange widget on the bottom left of the page to access our membership widget which will show a list of active actions that you can complete to earn points.

Customers who make purchases without registering for an account can still do so later. However, the points they earn from those previous purchases won't count towards VIP tiers. They can only use those points to redeem rewards like discount vouchers. To qualify for VIP tiers, customers need to start accruing points after registering for an account. Points earned before registering won't count towards VIP tiers. If you encounter any discrepancies or have further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at

All existing members with a registered account will be assigned to one of the three tiers—HOMIES, BESTIES, or SUPER ROMIES—depending on the points they have accumulated prior to the launch of the SUPER ROMIES programme: HOMIES after earning 1500 points, BESTIES after reaching 4000 points, and SUPER ROMIES after earning 7500 points.

You can view your eligible points for VIP tiers by accessing the 'View all Super Romies Tiers' section. This will display the points currently you have and how much points you will need for the next tier. Once you have accumulated the required points for the next tier, you will be automatically upgraded to the next tier, and would also be able to enjoy the benefits that comes with the upgraded tier.

No, redeeming points for a discount voucher will not result in a downgrade to a lower tier. Your tier status is determined by the eligible points you have earned with your registered account. As long as you maintain the required points for your current tier, you will retain that tier status regardless of how you utilise your points, including redeeming them for vouchers. For example, Customer A is currently in 'BESTIES' tier with a total 4500 points. Despite utilising some of her existing 4500 points, she will only need to accumulate an additional 3000 points to qualify for an upgrade to the next tier.

Accumulated spending is strictly non-transferable and cannot be combined into a single account.

Your points do not expire, and there are no specific requirements you need to meet to maintain them.

Each time you make a purchase with your account, the points earned will be recorded into your account within 24 hours of the purchase.

Exchange your points for discount of your entire order by clicking on the widget and picking the reward that you want to redeem. After clicking on it, you will receive a voucher code that you can use when you check out. Please note that the voucher code can only be used once and will expire one year after redemption if unused. We are slowly rolling out partners' perks for our members. Be sure to check back periodically for updates.

All previous rewards and perks will not eligible as of 1st April 2024. We have taken careful consideration to ensure a smooth transition for our valued members. While the specific details may vary, we aim to continue offering rewards and perks within the new SUPER ROMIES programme that are equally if not more enticing than those in the previous programme.

You will receive exclusive offers, rewards and access to special launches through email from time to time. Please make sure to opt into our mailing list to ensure you receive these communications from us.

We are actively working on introducing additional rewards and perks for our members. Be sure to check your account regularly for updates.

Please feel free to reach out to us via email at